Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Visualization & Meditation

Vsualization plays an important part especially in healing and Sadhana

Focused visualization is a kind of meditation but meditation is not necessarily a form of visualization. You can meditate on a flame or counting or on just trying for blankness.

Visualization is of the school that you give your brain something to keep it busy one- pointed.

I think it works for Shakta approaches, because you are embracing rather than rejecting the natural.

The brain doesn't want to be empty any more than the body wants to be tortured. The renunciation torture, mortifies the body; reins in the brain -- it is a philosophy of control and conquer the natural. I think we say, let the brain and body do what they love to do -- but let us focus these movement toward the glorification of Devi.

The brain may think and create -- but it thinks and creates Her. The body may do what it does -- but every function and act becomes Her worship

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