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The Muladhara [mula = root; dhara = support] is a lotus of four petals. The petals are red, and have the letters Va, Sha (palatal), Sha (cerebral), Sa, in colors of gold.

"In the pericarp is the square Dharaa-mandala surrounded by eight spears, and within it and in the lower part is the Dharaa- Bija, 'Lam,' who has four arms and is seated on the elephant Airaavata. He is of yellow color, and holds the thunderbolt [vajra] in his hands.

"Inside the Bindu of the Dharaa-Bija is the Child Brahma, who is red in color, and has four hands with which he holds the staff [danda], the gourd [kamandalu], the Rudraksha rosary, and makes the gesture which dispels fear [abhaya-mudra]. He has four faces.

"In the pericarp there is a red lotus, on which sits the presiding Divinity of the Chakra [chakraadhisthaatri], the Shakti DAKINI. She is red and has four arms, and in Her hands are the spear [shula], skull-staff [khatvanga], sacrificial sword [khadga], and drinking cup [chashaka].

"In the pericarp there is also the lightning-like triangle, inside which are Kaama-Vaayu and Kaama-Bija [Kleem], both of which are red. [This] is the `female' triangle or Yoni, known as Traipura [the Shakti-pitha], in which is set the `male' Shiva-linga, known as Svayambhu [of the shape and color of a young leaf]. Above and round this Linga is Kundalini coiled three and a half times; and above this last upstands, in the top of the Linga, Chit-kalaa [another form of Kundalini]."

Muladhara wheel. There is a square wheel between anus and the vagina or the base of the penis. There is a rose color triangle in it. In its center there is a red phallus moving up and down emitting white sparks of semen continuously. There is the Kundalini Shakti, the Serpent Power coiled round the phallus and drinking the semen being ejaculated.

This is the starting point of the supreme energy of the cosmos manifesting creation. Imagine a sound "Lang" [transcribed as `Lam' by Woodroffes above], starting from this square wheel and rising up to the crown of the head. When you are pronouncing this sound, the upper part of the tongue touches the deep upper palette.

You must feel that touch. Do like this for all the other sounds in other wheels [as well].

                                                                             Svaadhisthaana Chakra :
"The Svaadhisthaana Chakra is of the color of vermilion, and has six petals. On its six petals are the six letters Ba, Bha, Ma, Ya, Ra and La, with the Bindu placed thereon. The letters are the color of lightning.

"In the pericarp of this Lotus is the region of Water in the form of an eight-petalled Lotus, with a half-moon in its center. This region is white. Inside this latter is the Varuna-Bija "Vam," seated on a Makara with a noose in his hand. in the lap of Vam (i.e. in the hollow of the Bindu) is Vishnu seated on Garuda. He has four hands, and is carrying the shankha [conch-shell], chakra [discus], gadaa [mace], and padma [lotus]. He is dressed in yellow raiment, wears a Vanamaalaa [long garland] round his neck, the mark Sri-vastsa and the gem Kaustubha on his breast, and is youthful in appearance.

"On a red lotus in the pericarp is the Shakti RAKINI [Raakinii]. She is Shyaama-varna, and in Her four hands She holds the shuula [spear or trident], abja [lotus], damaru [drum] and tanka [battle-axe]. She is three-eyed and has fierce projecting fangs [kutila-damstrii], and is terrible to behold. She is fond of white rice [shuklaanna], and a stream of blood runs from Her nostril."

There are seven spinning wheels of energy in you. If you pay attention to the actions given below carefully and remember them, you will experience these spinning wheels. ...

 Swadhishtana is the six-petal wheel. This is the sex center. A trishul shaped like a yoni is within a six petal wheel. It has an orange color and a white moon adorns it. At this place, the vibrations of sex keep going round and round like a wheel.

This is the original seat of the transcendental Goddess, and the meaning of 'Swadhistana' is that the Shakti resides there. From there, the sound of Vang [Vam] rises to the crown.

This is the seed sound of nectar, being a rose color, a mixture of semen-white and blood-red. The clitoris is the seat of Kundalini, identifiable with the Snake God Kumara."

Manipura Chakra:The wheel of fire which transforms lust into power
."The Manipura Chakra is the seat of the element of Fire, the sign of which is a triangle. [This] Navel Lotus is of the color of the rain cloud and has ten petals. On each of its petals are each of the ten letters Da, Dha, Na [palatal]; Ta, Tha, Da, Dha, Na [dental]; Pa and Pha, and of a lustrous blue color, with the Bindu above each of them.

"In the pericarp of this lotusis the red Region of Fire, which is triangular in shape, and outside it, on its three sides, are three Svastika signs. Within the triangle is the Biija of Fire – 'Ram.' He (the Biija of Fire) is red in color and is seated on a ram, is four- armed, and holds in his hands the vajra [thunderbolt] and the Shakti weapon, and makes the signs of vara and of abhaya.

"In the lap of Vahni-Biija is Rudra, red of color, seated on the bull, who, however, appears to be white on account of the ashes which He smears on His body. He is old in appearance.

"On a red lotus in the pericarp of this Lotus is the Shakti LAKINI [Laakinii]. She is blue, has three faces with three eyes in each, is four-armed, and with Her hands holds the vajra and the Shakti weapon, and makes the signs of dispelling fear and granting boons. She has fierce projecting teeth, and is fond of eating rice and dhal, cooked and mixed with meat and blood."
". Manipura, the bellybutton wheel. There is a ten-petal wheel around the waist, shining like fire with yellow and orange colors. From here to the crown the sound of "Rang" {Ram] keeps spreading. Repeat this sound seven times. 

"When the ejaculation in men and orgasm in women is controlled, the Kundalini power does not get its nectar from the semen or blood. [So] it uncoils, moves up in search of nectar, and shoots up to the wheel in the crown, where it gets the nectar from the Moon there.
What this means is that the physical orgasm is replaced by a spiritual orgasm; the intercourse takes place in the mind, and a supreme relaxation occurs in the form of a spiritual explosion of all colors. Sometimes spiritual aspirants actually see a hooded cobra dancing in front of their eyes.
It represents the intense sexual energy and the fears associated with it; nothing more. So there is absolutely no cause for fear if you come across such experiences. Remember Kumara the serpent power has as its vehicle the peacock, born enemy of the snake!"

The Heart Lotus is of the color of the Bandhuka flower [i.e scarlet], and on its twelve petals are the letters Ka to Tha [ka kha ga gha nga ja jha Cha cCha nja ta tha], with the Bindu above them of the color vermilion. In its pericarp is the hexagonal Vaayu-Mandala, of a smoky color, and above it Suurya-Mandala, with the Trikona lustrous as ten million flashes of lightning within it.

"Above it, the Vaaya-Biija, of a smoky hue, is seated on a black antelope, four-armed and carrying the goad [ankusa]. In his [Vaayu- Biija's] lap is three-eyed Iisha.Like Hamsa (Hamsaabha], His two arms extended in the gestures of granting boons and dispelling fear. "In the pericarp of this Lotus, seated on a red lotus, is the Shakti KAKINI [Kaakinii]. She is four-armed and carries the noose [paasha], the skull [kapaala], and makes the boon [vara] and fear-dispelling [abhaya] signs. She is of a golden hue, is dressed in yellow raiment, and wears every variety of jewel and a garland of bones. Her heart is softened by nectar.

"In the middle of the Trikona is Shiva in the form of a Baana-linga, with the crescent moon and Bindu on his head. He is of a golden color. He looks joyous with a rush of desire [kaamodgamollasita]. Below him is the Jiivaatma like Hamsa. It is like the steady tapering flame of a lamp. Below the pericarp of this Lotus is the red lotus of eight petals, with its head upturned. It is in this red lotus that there are the Kalpa Tree, [and a] jewelled altar surmounted by an awning and decorated by flags and the like, which is the place of mental worship."

Anahata Chakra: The wheel of unconditional love
This wheel brings unbounded prosperity to you, which grows more and more by giving.
".. There is a 12 petal wheel circulating in the air around the chest. It has yellows and greens, the colors of vegetation.

"From here to the crown, the sound of "Yang" [Yam] spreads; say it seven times.

By sharing our powers with others, we enter this wheel of unconditional love. We give because it is our nature to share; we give without expecting any returns whatsoever.


VISHUDHI CHAKRA:This is the wheel of communication in space across immense distances

At the base of the throat [kantha-muule] is the Vishuddha Chakra, with 16 petals of smoky purple hue. Its filaments are ruddy, and the 16 vowels -- which are red and have the Bindu above them -- are on the petals. In its pericarp is the ethereal region [nabho-mandala], circular and white. Inside it is the Candra-mandala, and above it is the Biija 'Ham'. This Biija is white and garmented in white, eseated on an elephant, and is four-armed. In his four hands he holds the noose [paasha] and the goad [ankusha], and makes the vara-mudra and the abhaya-mudra.

"In his lap is Sadaa-Shiva, seated on a great lion-seat, which is placed on the back of a bull. He is in his form as Arddha- naariishvara, and as such half his body is the color of snow, and the other half the color of gold. He has five faces and ten arms, and in his hands he holds the trident [shuula], battle-axe [tanka], sacrificial sword [khagda], thunderbolt [vajra], dahana [agneya- astra], the great snake [naagendra], bell [ghanta], goad [ankusha], noose [paasha], and makes the abhaya mudra. He wears a tiger's skin, his whole body is smeared with ashes, and he has a garland of snakes round his neck. The nectar dripping from the downturned digit of the Moon is on his forehead.

"Within the pericarp, in the Lunar Region and seated on bones, is the Shakti SAKINI [Saakinii], white in color, four-armed, five-faced and three-eyed, clothed in yellow, and carrying in Her hand a bow, an arrow, a noose and a goad."

Visuddhi, the wheel of astral communication in space. There is a 16 petal wheel around the space in your neck. It has light and dark blue colors like the sky. It spins to the sound of "Hang" ["Ham"], which spreads to the crown.

Utter this sound seven times. By placing attention here, you will acquire powers like hearing at a distance, seeing far away places, talking with spirits, Apsaras, Angels, Goddesses and Gods.

. The ability to enter another person and know the experiences as your own is obtained by prolonged practice of paying attention to this wheel."

Aajna Chakra:Ajna, the wheel of time. There is a two-petal lotus between the eyebrows. Focus here to travel across time."

The Aajna Chakra has two petals and is white. The letters Ha and Ksa, white are white, and on the two petals. The presiding Shakti of the Chakra, HAKINI [Haakinii], is in the pericarp. She is white, has six red-colored faces (each with three eyes), and six arms, and is seated on a white lotus. With Her hands She displays vara-mudra and abhaya-mudra, and holds a rudrasksha rosary, a human skull, a small drum, and a book.

Above Her, with a Trikona, is Itara-Linga, which is lightning-like, and above this again, within another Trikona, is the inner Aatmaa 9antar-aatmaa], lustrous like a flame. On its four sides, floating in air, are sparks surrounding a lihjt which, by its own lustre, makes visible all between Muula and the Brahma-randhra.

Above this, again, is Manas, and above Mana, in the region of the Moon, is Hamsah, within whom is Parama-Shiva with [Parama-] Shakti."


"Above the end of the Susumna Nadi is the Lotus of a Thousand Petals; it is white and has its head downward turned; its filaments are red. The 50 letters of the alphabet from A to La, which are also white, go round and round its thousand petals 20 times. On its pericarp is Hamsah, and above it is the Guru, who is Parama-Shiva Himself.

Above the Guru are the Suurya and Candra Mandalas, and above them Mahaavaayu. Over the latter is placed Brahmarandhra, and above it Mahaa-shankhinii.

"In the Mandala of the Moon is the lightning-like triangle within which is the 16th Kalaa of the Moon, which is fine as the hundredth part of the lotus fiber, and of a red color, with its mouth turned downward. In the lap of this Kalaa is the Nirvaana-Kalaa, subtle like the thousandth part of the end of a hair, also red and with mouth downward turned.

Below Nirvaana-Kalaa is the Fire called Nibodhikaa, which is a form of Avyakta-naada. Above Nibodhikaa and within Nirvaana-Kalaa is Para-Bindu, which is both Shiva and Shakti. The Shakti of this Para-Bindu is the Nirvaana-Shakti, wo is Light [Tejas] andd exists in the form of Hamsah, and is subtle like the ten-millionth part of the end of a hair.

That Hamsah is Jiiva. Within the Bindu is the void (Shuunya) which is the Brahma-pada (place of the Brahman).

" Sahasrara, the wheel in the crown of your head. There is a 1,000- petal wheel in the head, the brain wheel. It has the colors of blue and violet and also all colors of rainbow in a lesser degree. From here the sound of Hreem keeps emitting light beams flashing above the head."


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