Friday, August 20, 2010


Here are some Benifits & Out come of Meditation
* To live in the moment of divine bliss realizing boundless energy

* To pacify negative emotions and attain peace

* To attain physical, mental and emotional health

* Transforming and transmuting the nature and behaviour towards non-violence way of living

* Purification of consciousness to know the ultimate truth

* Balancing action, reaction and inaction.

Metaphysical basis

* There is bondage

* There are causes of bondage

* There is freedom

* There are ways of attaining freedom

Scientific basis

* Neuro-endocrine system regulates and governs human's actions

* Emotions and hormones responsible for good and bad activities

* Subconscious mind controls human behaviour

* Innate mechanism describes human personality


* Kayotsarg - Complete relaxation with self awareness

* Antaryatra - Internal trip of body & consciousness

* Svash Preksha - Perception of long breathing

* Sharir Preksha - Perception of body 6/30/08 delete Shyam & Buella

* Chaitanya Kendra Preksha - Perception of psychic centres

* Leshya Dhyan - Perception of psychic colours

* Anupreksha & Bhavana - Contemplation & auto suggestion

* Asana & Pranayam - Postures and breathing process

* Dhvani & Mudra - Healing sound & hand postures

Benefits and outcome


* Biochemical changes

* Strengthens immune system

* Sustains optimal health

* Removes tension

* Revitalizes body cells

* Improves respiration and flow of vital energy


* Improves mental balance

* Increases memory, concentration and decision power

* Develops patience and tolerance power

* Cleans and relaxes the mind

* Enhances will power and builds self confidence


* Transformation of negative emotions into positive

* Removal of psychological distortions


* Increases working efficiency, creativity, detachment and good qualities

* Change of habits and attitudes

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