Friday, August 20, 2010


There are different mode of bhakti/devotion : Shanta ( peaceful contemplater of god/dess), Dasya ( servant of the goddess), Child of goddess ( the mother-child approach), Vatsalya ( parent of Goddess) and Madhurya ( lover of goddess). Sri Swami Sivananda called the last one : Madhurya as the "highest form of Bhakti".
"The best way to treat Shakti is as a Mother. It can save you from so many karmas also. If you look at all women as your mother would you ever think of raping or cheating or deceiving one? And if you see the Divine Mother in all beings can you ever intentionally injure anyone? No, and this automatically draws you away from the cycle of action and reaction. ".

"Sri Swami Sivananda called Madhurya as the"highest form of Bhakti".

If Madhurya is the higest form of Bhakti shouldn't we follow it.Why go for second best?

I think there needs to be fluidity in being, and fluidity in practicing. I understand that we all are familiar with the Mother/Child relationship, and also, that depending on individual temperament, people may be drawn to a particular practice. However, if we look at integrating our full range of being into our lives in the world so that inner and outer are one, staying in Mother/Child only and permanently would not allow full expression, experience, or integration. The same tenderness and vulnerability and protectiveness, etc. that is experienced in a Mother and in a Child must be known in each individual, and to have that level of emotional presence with erotic passion shared between equals is a worthy endeavor

Can we approach her sexually ?

Of course.. But not every one can go into that erotic passion or devotion unless of course you have the knowledge and experience. Like mother/child mode is the simpliest because of own personal experience, and its easier for us to relate to. I would say my own personal opinion the first step to any devotion. And then over a period of time we change this mode of devotion according to our spiritual advancement or our connection with the Divine one, but I don't think so that erotic devotion will actually give a full expression, experience or integration with the Divine.
When I say the mother and child it the simpliest and perhaps the first step into any devotion towards DEVI. And we change this mode accordingly to our spiritual progress ?

Yes, thats why we call her MAA. As you advance she becomes the child and you the father/mother (Bala); then she becomes lover (panchadashi) and then she becomes the eternal maiden (Shodashi). It is only at the panchadashi mode sex has any role.
So only when we have spiritually advance, she becomes the lover but more symbolic in nature. Actually at that stage for some sadhaks there is sexual approach.
So how does this becomes a lover fits in.? Because when you really love, both are one

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