Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shakthi Upasana

The purpose of shakti upasana is to take into consideration a layman, a novice, an expert and lead all of these sadhakas to the world of liberation. A drunkard, a non-vegetarian, a strict vegetarian, a yogi, a maveric, , a brahmin, a prostitute, a chandala all are equal before Mother and everyone has their role to play in the Mother Worship.

But that does not mean that they should be immersed in their own whims and fancies.

The purpose of Shakti Worship is to give everyone a chance for enlightenment. The door of heaven are open always for all sorts of people.

Recall the incident of Girish Chandra Ghosh in the Biography of Ramakrishna. He was a ruffian and drunkard. Before having a peg of intoxicant, he used to offer the 1st peg to Mother Kali as instructed by his master RamaKrishna . Gradually, this habit went off and he avoided drinking. So, this transformation is the purpose of Shakti Upasana.

Nothing is to be rejected. Everything, positive, negative and all your weaknesses are accepted and has to be transformed and the individual's evolution to a sattvik form is the purpose of Shakti worship.

Nothing is rejected. This world is real and you are real. Mother is real. Your negative tendencies are real. What is required is just a change or a little transformation.

And different are the ways to tap the energies. Sri Ramakrishna parama hamsa, though practiced Vamachara, went into ecstacy the moment he started the worship.

Sri Ramprasad and Vamakshepa, both were great Vamacharis of Bengal who worshipped Kali using Pancha Makaras (5 Ms). And all three succeeded in their paths

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